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New York Gemological Laboratory

Appraisal Certificate

34 West 47th Street  Unit 28  New York N.Y 10036  646-590-2965 

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January 22, 2024

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Accredited Jewelry Professional GIA - A.J.P


Estimated Replacement Value For Insurance Purposes Only (USD)

Total Appraised Value

Article Description:

Halo Motif 14K White Gold Natural Diamond & Yellow Sapphire Bracelet.

Stone Shape
Carat Weight
Color Grade
Clarity Grade
Metal Type
Item Weight
Diamond - Round | Yellow Sapphire - Oval

Diamond - 3.0ct | Yellow Sapphire - 15.0ct

Length 20cm
Diamond J-K-L | Yellow Sapphire - AAA
Diamond I1-2 | Yellow Sapphire - AAA
14K White Gold
30.7 Grams
Heated Yellow Sapphire
Graded as mounting permits.

This document in it's printed form contains several security features including a watermark on the center left of the page as well as a hologram sticker located near the bottom corner containing a numerical value, both of these features are not viewable on the web version of the report. The QR code may also be used to quickly verify the validity of the report and is available both on the print and web version of the report 

This document is subject to important terms, conditions and limitations viewable on the rear of the printed document or by visiting our Terms and Limitations Page 

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