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Reports & Appraisals

Diamond - Gem - Jewelry & Watch

Reports and Appraisal Certificates 


Evaluations for wills, trusts, estates, as well as divorce settlements.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Testing Available to Identify

CVD-HPHT Diamonds

Testing For Lab Grown Diamonds
Our High Tech Instrumentation Can Detect
CVD - HPHT - Moissanite - CZ

You owe it to yourself to have your diamond jewelry inspected for Lab Grown Diamonds.

Top Items Suggested for Screening:

  • Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Diamond Bridal Jewelry

  • Diamond Intensive Jewelry Articles

  • Custom Diamond Watches


E-Commerce, Auctioneers, Retail, Wholesale, Dealers, Brokers, Collectors and Consumers

 We understand individuals and businesses have unique and time sensitive needs. Whether you require a single appraisal with an office visit, multiple documents daily - weekly - monthly, or for pre & post auction sales, we can accommodate you. An account manager will be assigned to work with your organization to meet all of your repetitive and high volume needs.

Lab Dia
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